23rd Opera Gala 2016

Big opera, good hearts and artistic hairstyles: La Biosthétique styled the stars for the 23rd Opera Gala in aid of the German AIDS Foundation Berlin 

It’s a classic because good hearts are timeless: The annual Opera Gala in aid of the German AIDS Foundation Berlin. At the 23rd event, as always the focus was a charitable cause. This year, the event attracted lots of attention not only thanks to star designer Jean Paul Gaultier, top models Toni Garrn and Charlott Cordes, but also the dreamy hairstyles of both models, bloggers and the elegantly clothed gala guests! 

For the first time, La Biosthétique was charged with styling the female celebrities. The 12-person team with top stylists from La Biosthétique salons conjured up artistic gala looks: Kathrin Zenk (Salon molar berlin), André Goerner (Salon Goerner & Company), Dasrim Krasnici (Salon Dashi Krasnici), Alexander von Trentini (Salon von Trentini), Marion Ganse (Salon Marion Ganse), Fabio Priori (Salon Coiffeur Sergio) and Carolin Kramer (Salon Wörmann Kramer).  

“Today’s styling is both glamorous and modern because in Berlin everything is a little more laid back”, explained Kathrin Zenk. “All kinds of waves are a major trend, as is the sleek look – this means the hair is smoothed off of the face. Currently, braids are also fashionable – from classic weaves to ponytails. Today, we mainly used the Powder Spray and the Volume Powder because this gives the hair wonderful volume and a whole lot of glamour”.

The celebrities were enthusiastic:

The La Biosthétique Styling-Team

André Goerner, Evelyn Mohr (PR La Biosthétique), Alexander von Trentini

Opera Gala 2016 in aid of the German AIDS Foundation Berlin

Top model Charlott Cordes shone in the spotlight, thanks not least to her hair: “This is the perfect look for the Opera Gala: glamorous, but not over the top”.

Caro Daur, Evelyn Mohr, Charlott Cordes, Sara El Raddaf

Blogger MilenaLeSecret was also excited about her dream hairstyle: “I love styles that are both glamorous and girly. And today’s styling perfectly captured this: with wonderful waves, pink lipstick and long lashes”.

“It’s my first time at the Opera Gala. I feel like a princess”, enthused top blogger Caro Daur who was wearing a sophisticated side ponytail. “As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a hairstyling rule for such evenings. You don’t have to go for a classic gala style. I find it great to break away from styling traditions, for example with a clean look paired with a romantic dress”.

Blogger Nina Suess also enjoyed the spotlight at the Gala. She opted for a sleek look hairstyle: “A wonderful hairstyle. I love this look, and it is also practical because the hair is styled off of the face and beautifully matches my Talbot Runhof gown”.

Model Marlies Pfeifhofer cut a stunning figure on the red carpet with her seductive look: with sleek styled hair and red lips: “The femme fatale style is precisely my taste”.

Marlies Pfeiffhofer, Mandy Bork, Laureen Kristina, Scarlett Gartmann

“I am very satisfied with my styling. At a charity gala I prefer a little more understatement and a more natural look. And that is exactly what I got today”, explains designer Cathy Hummels.

Vanessa Fischer mit Schwester Cathy Hummels, Sara El Raddaf

It girl, Uschi Glas’s step-daughter Sophie Hermann : “When it comes to styling, I prefer to glam it up at such occasions, particularly when it comes to make-up because an opera mostly lasts several hours. Today, I’m wearing a lavish dress, which is why my make-up is a little more low-key”.

Nina Suess & Sophie Hermann

Gizem Emre (Actress) & Marc Eggers (Model)

Marlies Pfeifenhofer (Model), Cathy Hummels (Model & Designer), Stefanie Neureuther (Beauty Director and member o f the Glamour C hi ef Editorial Team), Caro Daur (Top-Blogger), Charlott Cordes (Model)

Britta Kröpke (Beauty-Direction Grazia), Janina Uhse (Actress), Janina Hell (PR MAC), Evelyn Mohr (PR La Biosthétique)

La Biosthétique-Team Doreen Amlung & André Goerner

Sara El Raddaf (PR La Biosthétique), Reinhard Mätzler (Director agencycall), Diederik Koenders (Global Communications Director MAC), Janina Hell (PR MAC)

Topmodel Toni Garrn with Designer Jean Paul Gaultier

Anastasia Holeczek (PR Bogner), Mandy Bork (Ex-GNTM-participant ), Stephanie Neureuther , Marlies Pfeifhofer , Laureen Kristina , Scarlett Gartman (Girlfriend of Soccer-Star Marco Reus)

The Audi VIP-Shuttle took the Stars from the Styling-Lounge to the Opera Gala

The Styling for a special night with the La Biosthétique-Team

Charlott Cordes & La Biosthétique Stylist Jochen Pahs

La Biosthétique Stylist Dashi Krasnici & Topmodel Toni Garrn

Scarlett Gartmann styled by Dashi Krasnici.

Nina Suess at the La Biosthétique-Lounge.