Pampering session for your staycation in your own four walls

Everyone is currently spending a lot of time at home. So why not turn the place that is currently doing triple duty as your refuge, your home office and the focal point of your life into a place of recovery and relaxation? Because now is the ideal time to treat your skin and hair to a little more attention, and recharge your batteries with a personal beauty day!

Simply dive in

When was the last time you enjoyed a relaxing bath, and were able to forget your everyday cares for a few minutes? This evening, run a bath with Spa Le Bain, grab a good book and shut out the outside world for half an hour.

Pampering care – not just for the stressed!

Instead of blow-drying and styling, protection and repair are now the order of the day: Give your hair new energy too. Long hair is given an extra portion of moisture with Cheveux Longs Intensive Spa Mask. Fine hair is given chance to recover from the damage of heat styling, etc. with Fine Hair Mask Tricoprotein. And the unmistakable product scent is balm for the soul.

Relaxation for the face

Are your face muscles feeling slightly tense? No wonder! Whether consciously or unconsciously: the current events are leaving nobody untouched! Combine your daily cream routine with a relaxing face massage. A rich care product such as La Capsule or Concentré Hyaluronique restores balance to dry, oily and normal skin, and is easy to massage in.

Here you can find the products for your pampering session