Magically beautiful eyes!

Cell-active anti-aging care to combat fine lines around the eyes: Do you feel fit and healthy, but your reflection often doesn’t look as awake and healthy as you feel? Do your eyes look tired and swollen, are they slightly red and puffy and developing slight creases …?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the night was too short and you didn’t get enough sleep. It might just mean that your skin needs support! Your skin often doesn’t manage anymore to single-handedly protect itself from environmental influences such as UV radiation or pollutants, as well as free radicals. The collagen fibre network is impaired, which makes the skin less elastic. All these factors will cause the first signs of fine lines to appear.

First aid for fine lines around the eyes

La Biosthétique generally recommends a systematic anti-aging treatment, i.e. a long-term combination of several products that act in synergy and in this case combat skin aging. But if you want to treat your eyes to an express beauty treatment and you want to see results after just 15 minutes, Patch Gel Liftant is the perfect choice. Thanks to their unique hydrogel system, the pads instantly supply the eye area with moisture. Whilst the active ingredients are absorbed and reduce the wrinkle depth, the gel cools and refreshes the skin. Plant extracts from the Asian tuber Konjac Mannan (glucomannan), as well as extracts of active substances from salt lakes, provide a special effect. They give the necessary moisture boost.

Anti-aging long-term effect

The cooling gel is not only a wonderful first aid product, but also has a 24-hour long-term effect: The next morning your reflection will display alert eyes, surrounded by smooth, soft and firm skin. 

Protective and activating active ingredients

Thanks to the Dermosthétique phyto cell extracts. In addition, glyco cell extracts from organic brown algae protect against glycation and activate collagen production to increase the resilience of the skin tissue.

Apply to eyes and wait for the magic to happen

Ideally, apply the gel pads after cleansing the eye area and, depending on the skin’s needs, leave them on between 10 and 30 minutes. Initially, we recommend between two and three applications a week. You will soon see results: look forward to bright eyes!

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