It's a match!

Step by step: How to find the perfect foundation.

A flawless complexion is the basis for all beautiful looks. It has fine pores, is absolutely even and has that certain glow. Unfortunately, many complexions are naturally patchy, uneven and the eye area often has bluish colour accents. However, with the correct make-up technique and the right make-up you can create the perfect complexion in a flash.

Which texture do I want?

Completely natural or perfect coverage? Extra matte or with a special glow? Liquid, cream or powder? Every woman has both personal preferences and problem zones that she would like to conceal. With very dry skin, you should definitely avoid powdery products. With oily skin you are best avoiding rich cream make-up. The perfect make-up practically melts into the skin, feels pleasant and definitely doesn't look like a mask.

Which shade do I need?

It is vital to test make-up shades while wearing no make-up. After all, the make-up should perfectly match the skin and not the already applied make-up. And because there are often minor but important differences in shades, we recommend trying three slightly different ones that seem as if they would be a good match. Then apply all three close together and decide which shade is the perfect match. Tip: It is best to test foundations on the neck. If the make-up blends into your natural skin tone, it's the right shade.

Brush, sponge or fingers?

The question of what is best for applying foundation is also relevant: The fingers already slightly warm the product which makes it easier to blend. Whether a brush or a sponge is used depends on your personal preference. The thicker the material of the tool, the stronger the dose of colour. Furthermore, the coverage can also be controlled by moistening the tool. This results in an even lighter and more transparent finish. A brush gives more coverage. A sponge gives an even and soft foundation application. Particularly for those who have beautiful skin, you can use this to magically create the perfect no make-up look.

How do I apply it?

Before applying a foundation, you should thoroughly cleanse the face and use a moisturising cream. Allow a few minutes for this to absorb into the skin. Then use concealer to cover up undereye shadows and blemishes and blend well. Apply foundation from the middle of the face and work into the skin using outward movements. It is also important that you thoroughly blend colour from face to neck and hairline. Otherwise, you will have unattractive tide marks. Finally, fix and mattify with transparent powder. Et voilà!

Find the right La Biosthétique Make-up product for your skin type and your wish for texture, coverage and colour that will give you a flawlessly beautiful complexion:

Cover & Light

The concealer that conceals and emphasises. Perfect for covering dark undereye circles and skin blemishes or for lightening the lip line. Cover & Lightmakes the skin look younger, healthier and smoother and the shades adapt to your individual complexion. The concealer with a brush applicator provides even coverage.

Earth Glow Gel

The tinted moisturising emulsion. For a seductively shimmering complexion. Perfect for more glow and summery skin. The tinted moisturising emulsion contains hyaluronic acid that binds moisture in the skin. The complexion looks even, tight and remodelled. The complexion has a seductive shimmer that resembles an inner glow.

Teint Frais

The little complexion perfecter. Gives a dewy fresh, natural finish. Perfect for the no make-up look and beautiful skin. A delicate cream formulation with a hint of colour becomes one with the skin. The skin has wonderfully clear radiance and looks excitingly fresh and youthful.

Teint Naturel

The anti-aging make-up. Gives a fresh, flawless finish. Perfect for a natural look and mature, stressed or dehydrated skin. Teint Naturel visually and cleverly conceals minor skin flaws, tints the complexion and makes the skin look wonderfully natural as if you weren't even wearing make-up. The skin is tight and wonderfully smooth.

Teint Correcteur

The camouflage cream with extra strong coverage. Perfect for reliably concealing unevenness. Thanks to conditioning waxes, the product doesn't dry out the skin, but little thread veins, pigment spots or skin redness are perfectly concealed.

Extreme Stay Foundation

The high-coverage make-up compact. For a flawlessly matte complexion. Perfect for skin that needs more coverage. The ideal combination of silky cream and mattifying powder. The light and creamy texture ensures a soft application, perfect comfort, intensive coverage and long-lasting colour freshness.

Sun Care Foundation

The make-up compact with extra glow. For a summery look. Perfect for skin that is lacking a delicate summer tan. Microfine pigments lay themselves almost invisibly on the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, whilst minor flaws are perfectly corrected. The make-up compact provides a pleasant skin sensation and perfect, long-lasting coverage.

Extreme Stay Powder

The make-up powder with anti-shine effect. For an even finish. Perfect for a naturally radiant finish. The transparent silky texture forms an ultra-thin layer on the skin without blocking the pores. Microfine powder pigments perfectly match your own skin tone without covering up its naturalness.

Silky Mineral Powder

The loose powder fixes the make-up. For a matte, silky finish. Perfect for fixing with the powder puff, or for a result with more coverage use circular motions and work in with a kabuki brush. Silky Mineral Powder is made of 100% pure mineral pigments. With its micro-fine, light-refracting properties, it effortlessly banishes minor skin imperfections and fine lines. The complexion looks clear and radiantly beautiful. Without looking like a mask at all!