Styling restyled

The La Biosthétique styling world in an attractive new design with a new and enchantingly glamorous scent that lasts for a long time in the hair.

The trend colours of the new styling generation of La Biosthétique are graphite, champagne and lilac – elegant, experimental and subtly cool. But the new colours don’t just look good. Henceforth, they will make it even easier for you to find the right product for your particular styling method. How? The styling products are presented in three modern colours for the three styling groups: Base, Style and Finish. Little icons also explain the hold level of the product and the application.

Base (graphite):

The base line comes in graphite. At La Biosthétique the elegant colour metallic grey represents the styling of mainly damp hair. You can choose from various base products, depending on the desired shape, texture and hold, in various consistencies such as cream, gel, spray or mousse. These products in the colour graphite prepare the hair for the subsequent styling such as blow-drying.

Style (champagne):

The champagne-coloured product group is for use in both damp and dry hair. These products are used to e.g. style dry hair with the hands after blow-drying. These styling products are of course also suitable for men who want to easily style their hair when damp and let it air-dry. La Biosthétique’s champagne-coloured products focus on texture, shine, control and shape of the hairstyle.

Finish (lilac):

The lilac-coloured finishing products add the finishing touches to the style, fix the finished look or enhance it with shine spray. You can choose between spray and/or lacquers for dry hair.

But that’s not all: new products are being added to the La Biosthétique styling range, which in addition to its new look is also being given a new scent concept. Berlin-based star perfumier Geza Schön developed “Rebellious facets” and “modern shades” for the scent concept of the La Biosthétique styling products. Simply put, this means that depending on the product when applied you will smell a hint of bergamot, iris, magnolia or juniper, or special scents such as guaiac wood or osmanthus.

Geza Schön says the following about his scent creation:

"I combined known scent harmonies with unusual essences and adapted them to the new La Biosthétique styling world to create the incomparable brand recognition, as well as a unique scent palette".

The new styling products: