Talbot Runhof & La Biosthétique Paris

A portrait of the fashion and beauty partnership - a fairytale of 1001 Fashion Weeks.

Fairytales and success stories have a lot in common. They very often begin with the famous sentence, "once upon a time ...". The same is the case for the story of the fashion label Talbot Runhof and La Biosthétique Paris. More than six years ago, La Biosthétique Paris decided that the next step in the company's evolution was to promote the expansion of the company into an international beauty partner for big fashion designers. What followed was initially the search for suitable partners. No mean feat as there are many labels and designers, but which fashion, which philosophy and, above all, which values are a good fit with a family-run company like La Biosthétique Paris?

An unusual kick-off

The designer duo Talbot Runhof seemed to be the ideal candidate. How perfectly this partnership would actually develop and what huge success the two partners would celebrate together was at the time - as is often the case in fairytales - hard to foresee. Alone the kick-off of this symbiosis was unusual, as were the projects that the partners (who had meanwhile become firm friends) established in the years to come. One day in 2012, Evelyn Mohr, Public Relations Director of La Biosthétique Paris, paid a surprise visit to the Talbot Runhof Boutique in Munich's Altstadt (old town) district. Surrounded by impressive gowns, she proposed to Talbot Runhof that La Biosthétique become their beauty partner.

A relaxed atmosphere

Whenever Adrian Runhof, Johnny Talbot and Alexander Dinter meet up, they enjoy the memories of their partnership to date, and celebrate the fact that they have meanwhile become integral players in the international fashion and beauty world. Over the years, the designer duo and the International Creative Director of La Biosthétique Paris have seen many trends come and go, and they have also repeatedly acted as successful trendsetters themselves. This is only made possible thanks to their great trust and perfect collaboration with each other. Both are family-run companies, which is an important reason for their special connection.

La Biosthétique Paris as a beauty partner of the fashion world

The designer duo particularly appreciates that "La Biosthétique is a very forward-looking company, with very progressive technologies and products, that also has a very modern communication language, which still honours traditional roots. Tradition combined with a very new way of thinking. This is very important, and this is also how Talbot Runhof sees itself". After working together for 12 whole seasons, the two partners have really come to appreciate each other: "The fashion carousel turns fast, and you have to reinvent yourself every six months. We have to keep up with this, and that is precisely why a good and flexible partner is so important". Talbot Runhof is avidly following and supporting the development of La Biosthétique Paris into a big player in the fashion world, for example as the official beauty expert of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin: "Alexander Dinter is a real genius. He contributes a huge amount of creativity. We should know because he makes our lives so much easier. Often, we give him a mere two buzzwords on the new collection, and he conjures up a hair concept that surpasses all our expectations".

Talbot Runhof and La Biosthétique Paris on the big fashion stage

"Every time, Talbot Runhof's collections are so full of wonderful ideas and sources of inspiration for our hair concept that it's really very simple and convenient for us to work with them", explains La Biosthétique International Creative Director Alexander Dinter when asked about the Munich-based designer duo. This forms the foundation for the big challenge Talbot Runhof is faced with as a player alongside the major fashion labels on the big fashion stage. "We have to work with the best of the best. In Paris we compete with the biggest names with the biggest budgets. That's why La Biosthétique is so important for us. We need a partner who is better than the rest. For a fashion show the beauty partner is almost the most important part to perfectly complete the overall look for the shows. It is vital for the models to look good on the catwalk.

Inspiration for the future

There could scarcely be a bigger compliment for La Biosthétique Paris than the satisfaction of Talbot Runhof. Johnny Talbot sums up the partnership in a single word: "Effortless". La Biosthétique is proud to perform such an important role for its partner Talbot Runhof, and thus make a contribution to the big success of the collections. It motivates La Biosthétique to continue to write the success story together with Adrian Runhof and Johnny Talbot, and to ensure an on point adaptation of the models' hairstyles to the fashion collections.

La Biosthétique Paris' philosophy is always to emphasise and focus on existing beauty. This not only applies to the runway. From the fashion world's biggest catwalks, the La Biosthétique stylists directly bring their expertise to the La Biosthétique salon.

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