Talbot Runhof presents the new spring/summer collection "Hard to get" at Paris Fashion Week.

The fashion of the Munich fashion label Talbot Runhof has become a celebrity favourite. Fans of the designer duo Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof include international celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Stars at Talbot Runhof

Unsurprisingly, there were big crowds on 29 September 2018, when Talbot Runhof presented its ready to wear collection, "Hard To Get", during Paris Fashion Week. The runway première of the new spring/summer 2019 collection was held at the traditional Westin Paris - Salon Imperial, and this was an event nobody wanted to miss. The big ball room of this magnificent building on Rue de Castiglione, which was opened back in 1878, was filled with representatives from the world's biggest fashion and beauty magazines. This evening, the famous front row, directly by the catwalk, was occupied by the likes of Christiane Arp, Editor-in-Chief of the German "Vogue" and Tina Isaac-Goizé, her colleague from US "Vogue". Plus, renowned influencers such as Alexandra Lapp, Nina Suess, Lisa Hahnbück, Lisa Banholzer, Leonie Hanne and Marie von den Benken were also in attendance.

A success story between Munich and Paris

This spring/summer season, La Biosthétique Paris was the Paris Fashion Week hair partner of Talbot Runhof for the 12th time, and thus made a small contribution to the celebrated new collection. The team of stylists from La Biosthétique salons from all over the world was once again led by Alexander Dinter, International Creative Director. They designed the collection's hairstyling concepts and implemented these backstage on the day of the presentation for all models and looks. The seven-year cooperation between the German (Runhof) and American (Talbot) designer duo and La Biosthétique Paris has blossomed into a perfect partnership of designers and beauty experts.

Perfect partnership

Adrian Runhof very aptly described the partnership with La Biosthétique during the presentation: "We are a family-based company, just like La Biosthétique. Over the years, we have become friends and we couldn't wish for a better partner. La Biosthétique has very modern products, a very modern philosophy and very modern marketing - just like us!" According to Runhof, the special thing about the partnership lies above all in La Biosthétique's development and creative implementation of the beauty concepts that are integral to their fashion: "Alexander Dinter is a genius. Often, we only give him one or two keywords for the new collection, and he surprises us every time with a result that surpasses our expectations".

The Talbot Runhof "Hard to get" hairstyle

For the spring/summer 2019 collection currently making waves in Paris, the look was created from the basic idea of Talbot Runhof. Alexander Dinter describes the creative process of the "Hard to get" hair looks as follows: "Johnny and Adrian sent me a ton of YouTube links to Claude Montana shows from the 1980s. This was their basic motto. Extremely inspiring. This sparkle, these shoulder pads, this atmosphere". Accompanied by the notes of various interpretations of Kraftwerk's "Model" as a soundtrack to the new runway collection of iridescently dreamy sequins, the looks appeared refreshing, courageous and sparkling, and brought the coolness of the 1980s to the time-honoured walls between Jardin des Tuileries and Place Vêndome. Here is how to create the look, step by step

- Lightly moisten hair with Essence de Protéine, work some Fixateur Mousse into the contours

- Blow-dry hair off the face using a brush

- Calm the lengths with the brush

- Curl the lengths at the back of the head with medium-sized curling irons

- Mix together Beauté Conditionneur Douceur and Cheveux Longs Luxury Spa Oil, apply to the lengths and twist

- Moisten hair with water, work Classic Gel into the hair and over the curve the head

- Blow-dry hair at the top of the head with a diffuser

- Fasten the hair behind the ear with clips

Shortly before the show:

- Evenly moisten the hair lengths with Beach Effect Styling Spray

- For shine and/or a wet look effect, finish the hair at the top of the head with some Glossing Spray

Paris loves Talbot Runhof

This Saturday evening at Paris Fashion Week is one that the fashion world will not soon forget. Talbot Runhof once again impressively lived up to its reputation as a world innovator in fashion. The elegant yet ever modern mix of glittering statement garments, eyecatching sequined gowns and khaki essentials wowed the invited guests. Talbot Runhof, which is incidentally one of only two German fashion labels which were granted the privilege by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne to be an official participant of Paris Fashion Week, caused quite a stir in the fashion world.

La Biosthétique Paris is proud to have made a small contribution to this big success, and looks forward to many future fantastic fashion events with Talbot Runhof.