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More volume for your hair with the new Thickening Cream

Who doesn't want more volume and fuller hair?

Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with a luxurious head of hair. Some have fine hair and others have thinner hair, and when it comes down to it, you really can't have too much on your head. And body and lift are also things that you would prefer to have in excess. Because more sometimes really is more. As a hairdresser it's easier: you're a perfect master of the art of giving your style more volume. With a bit of hot air and a round brush, you can conjure up a mane that others can only dream of. To ensure this is also possible in your bathroom at home, La Biosthétique has developed the new Thickening Cream. When applied, it forms a coating of special volumising polymers, wheat proteins, cellulose and protective beeswax that instantly makes every single hair up to 10 percent thicker, with results that you can clearly see and feel. Conditioning and anti-static properties optimise the hair structure, and even the finest hair is given more strength and natural bounce. Scientific tests at the DWI Interactive Materials Research Institute in Aachen and user tests confirmed the effect.

During the application

Benjamin Bohm, Hair Care & Color Technician at La Biosthétique:

“Styling your hair to give it more body is not easy, and often you need lots of time to achieve the desired results – thanks to Thickening Cream, this is now a thing of the past. The new formulation gives even fine hair more volume thanks to easy and fast styling”. 

Alexander Dinter, International Creative Director at La Biosthétique:

“With every application, our new Thickening Cream gives the hair more volume, but without weighing the hair down or fixing it. The hair remains natural and flexible. The perfect tool, particularly for fine hair!”

Did you know?

The classic method of blow-drying the hair upside down is not the only way to give it volume: it is better to tilt the head to the side and blow-dry the hair against the direction of growth. This automatically strengthens the hair directly at the roots.