Time to shine: Pure glamour for the festive season

To ensure you are properly prepared for the many special occasions in December, we have compiled a selection of products that will present you in your most flattering light.

For 24 December the look should be elegant but not too extravagant. A little black dress, a simple red wool dress or a dark blue silk dress are perfectly suited for spending an evening with family or friends. Medium-length to long hair looks particularly good worn down on this occasion. The hair looks best when silky and healthy. With the right care just a few days before the celebration, this is a cinch:

A classic style for Christmas Eve

Cheveux Longs Silky Spa Shampoo adds festive shine to the hair. It cleanses and deep-conditions the hair, whilst repairing damage in the hair structure as you wash it so that the hair becomes smoother and shinier. For an optimum shine result, it can be combined with the hair oil Cheveux Longs Luxury Spa Oil, which supplies an extra portion of care and prevents hair breakage.

Whether blow-dried or treated with a straightening iron: In any case, Therm-O-Flat Fluid protects both curly and straight hair from dehydration and heat damage. For beautiful tips, you can first use Cheveux Longs Silky Spliss Repair Fluid as it seals porous hair tips and protects them from further dehydration.  

A matching make-up look is paired with the hair and clothing. But this should focus on one part of the face, i.e. the lips or eyes. Sensual Lipstick Creamy C145 Coral Red with intense colour pigments in vibrant red can even replace the accessories. Red lips look great with pearl and gold jewellery. For the nails there is the highly pigmented Brilliant Nail nail polish that ensures a precise and even application. Select a colour or shade that matches the lips so that the style looks harmonious.

Brilliant and glamorous for New Year’s Eve

On the last night of the year 2019, pop the corks and don your finest outfit. Long, off-the-shoulder dresses in the trend colour silver, ball gowns in royal blue or golden blouses paired with slim-fit tuxedo trousers are just a few of the popular styling ideas of the trend metropolises. Hairstyles should also feature glamour and volume. Protection Cheveux Complex Express Care Volume Spray is particularly recommended. This is a conditioning spray that provides lasting volume with a natural shimmer and, after the application, perfectly prepares the hair for a lavish or festive hairstyle.

With updos such as buns or loose twists, individual strands can be defined and the front of the hair accentuated. Light Defining Cream, a favourite of the Fashion Week’s hair experts, is simply kneaded into the hair and is designed for a natural look. It gives a wonderfully exciting look to hair worn down with slight waves or a partly structured hairstyle. Strands remain flexible and flyaway hair is tamed. And best of all: The cream is suitable for all hair types.   

Powder Spray, on the other hand, adds matte shine to the roots and lengths of dry hair, so that the hair can then be finger-styled. This works wonderfully for an undone look, texture and body are another effect, even in short hairstyles. Powder Spray is easy to use for both styling beginners and pros, and particularly helpful for long nights as everything remains in place, and it can also be used to refresh the hairstyle as needed.

Emphasis on the eyes or the lips? For New Year’s Eve, you don't need to practice false modesty. Metallic shades of eyeshadow emphasise sparkling eyes. The powdery Magic Shadow Mono 41 Crystal Gold Eyeshadow is both elegant and subtle, and provides a velvety texture without settling into the lid creases. It can be easily applied with the fingers or an applicator. Combined with the dramatic black mascara Perfect Volume, it intensifies the eyes’ radiance. To enhance the drama you can also add lipstick in bright red or dark rosé.