Instant Vanity

It’s a nano moment. That split second when you look in the mirror and glance at your own image. Your eyebrow lifts ever so slightly, and you pose, just for yourself. You like what you see and feel a desire to keep on admiring it, for more than just a glimpse. Moments like this tempt us to flirt with vanity — a playful, sparkling vanity that inspired the name of this season’s collection: INSTANT VANITY.

These looks will make you fall in love — with yourself and a fascinating unknown side of your own beauty. The cuts, colours and shapes are both strong and soft. They accentuate, contour, embrace and flatter the ego and offer a captivating repertoire that invites you to explore the innocence of vanity. Joyfully admire your own reflection as it reveals a new, electrifying facet of your beauty, a previously hidden side that you can now provocatively present to the world.

Instant Vanity

Es ist ein Nano–Moment. Dieser Bruchteil einer Sekunde, in dem man in den Spiegel schaut und sein Bild darin erblickt. Die Augenbraue hebt sich ein wenig, man posiert, nur für sich. Man empfindet Gefallen, Anziehung, die über den flüchtigen Anblick hinausgeht. Momente wie dieser verführen zum Flirt mit der Eitelkeit. Einer spielerischen, aufblitzenden Eitelkeit, die der Kollektion dieser Saison ihren Namen gibt: Instant Vanity.

Es sind Looks zum Verlieben, in sich selbst und eine faszinierend unbekannte Seite der eigenen Schönheit. Die Schnitte, Farben und Formen sind stark und weich zugleich. Sie akzentuieren, konturieren, umarmen und umschmeicheln das Ich und bieten ein hinreißendes Repertoire, um die Unschuld der Eitelkeit zu erkunden. Voller Freude am eigenen Spiegelbild, in dem sich eine neue, elektrisierende Facette offenbart. Eine bisher verborgene Nuance, die man der Welt nun lustvoll präsentiert.

Change attracts attention, both of which are needs and pleasures at the same time, with vanity as their driving force. Being dedicated to your own beauty means expressing it in a new way every time. The four looks of the INSTANT VANITY collection perfectly express your beauty with magnetic attraction. The ideal balance between the cut, colour and styling creates a style reduced to the essentials with an apparent effortlessness that is truly irresistible.

Discover exciting variations on beauty and awaken your vanity! With an exceptional blonde shade that makes the long bob truly extraordinary. With a perm that is both retro and modern at the same time and above all ultra-cool. Or with a personalised combination of sensual shades ranging from coffee and chocolate to caramel and vanilla and right through to ’spicy colours’ like cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg.

The four INSTANT VANITY looks bring together sophisticated cutting and colouring techniques to create new, enticing forms of expression that are full of allurement and have been conceived and brought to life by the creative trendsetters led by La Biosthétique’s International Creative Director, Alexander Dinter.

«After love, vanity is a person’s most wonderful passion (...)
It uses the pressure to appear good to force us to be good.»

George Sand