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Manicare hand scrub contains finest Himalayan salt and high-quality oils to rapidly give you exquisitely beautiful hands.
Filling Quantity
100 ml

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We tousle our hair or touch up our lipstick. Such unconscious gestures make our hands the main focus. That is why they should look perfectly groomed. This hand scrub is an enchanting multi-talent and an essential part of a professional manicure. The magical care miracle Manicare combines three care aspects in just one beauty step:

  • The hand scrub conditions your hands with a pot-pourri of high-quality, multi-active, antioxidant-rich oils from sunflower, jojoba, soybean and avocado, which moisturise, strengthen the cuticles and give them seductive softness.
  • Its delicate rose-coloured Himalayan crystal salt gently removes dead skin scales, stimulates the circulation and results in an even complexion.
  • Its high concentration of organic antioxidants, oil-replenishing lipids and high-quality fatty acids supplies vitality and power. This unbeatably conditioning active ingredient mix makes Manicare a real anti-aging pro that acts like a treatment to refresh your skin cells.