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This modelling paste flexibly styles particularly short hair without stickiness or heaviness.


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With this modelling paste anything is possible. The hair is easily tamed and you can style and shape it as you like. Depending on your tastes, Modulator magically gives your hair strength, thickness, structure and texture with elastic but strong hold without stickiness. You can weightlessly accentuate your whole head or individual strands. You can restyle the hair at any time. The style becomes weather-resistant with a natural, silky matte shimmer. Modulator adds the perfect touch to all short haircuts. Definitely!

This modelling paste flexibly styles particularly short hair without stickiness or heaviness.

Work into dry or still slightly damp hair. Tip: Beach beauty: distributed into wet hair, the modelling paste gives you a wonderful wet look effect.

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3 Customer Reviews for Modulator

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Different, but better
Review by Becky Marshall
My stylist told me that this is a different product than previously and - that being said- I really liked it. It leaves no residue and lasted over 5 months.
Recipe changed
Review by Timkoe
Approx. 2 years ago I was very satisfied with this product. It came in a dark red/white container with light pink of the modulator cream itself. Best I ever had!
Since then the product changed so badly that it's not remotely near the quality the product had before. Very disappointing.
So I can totally relate to Karen Riley on her review of the product.
Current formula not worth it!
Review by Karen Riley
I used Modulator for years and years and I loved it Then I grew my hair so didn't use the product for a year. I recently had a shorter cut again so bought some Modulator the packaging had change and to my horror so had the product !! I'm now in possession of 2 tubs of product that I don't like. Very unhappy customer

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