Article No. 020145

Nail Enamel Remover

The acetone-free nail polish remover gently and reliably erases all traces of nail polish – with an extra portion of care.
Filling Quantity
100 ml

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When nail polish starts to peel, the nails look messy. The acetone-free nail polish remover can remove all nail polishes, but is so gentle and kind to the sensitive nail plate that it can even be used daily. Nail Enamel Remover contains extremely conditioning active ingredients such as high-quality rich avocado oil, which provides the ultimate moisture boost and thus combats dehydration of nails and cuticles. Calming panthenol gently coats the whole nail, strengthens it and gives it the ultimate in lasting care. The acetone-free nail polish remover keeps nails and cuticles velvety soft and smooth without irritations. Bye-bye polish!