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Dermosthétique Peel³ Complex Deep Purifying Mask

With its triple exfoliating effect, this particularly gentle, creamy mask refines the complexion instantly and lastingly, cleanses the skin deep down and supports the skin’s natural renewal.
Filling Quantity
75 ml

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Rosy skin is the epitome of youthful vitality. Sometimes, however, the complexion is clouded by greyness and looks sallow and tired. This is due to the cells of the epidermis, which are shed during the skin’s natural renewal process and deposit themselves on the skin. With three effect principles that become active in succession, Peel³ Complex Deep Purifying Mask not only removes greyness but also cleanses the skin down to the pores and boosts the natural cell renewal process. When the scrub is gently rubbed on the skin, its, a microfine powder containing mineral substances from fossil algae, removes dead skin scales the moment it is applied. While the creamy mask takes effect, pomegranate enzymes loosen horny cells. Encapsulated fruit acids are gradually released and lastingly support the skin renewal process. Fine lines, pigment spots and blemishes are reduced, and the skin is left feeling silky soft with a fresh glow.