Perfect Style

Perfect Style volumising mascara magically gives your lashes the ultimate fullness and a beautiful curl. For beautifully shaped lashes!
Filling Quantity
8 ml

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This volumising mascara will make both men and women happy. Perfect Style rapidly gives you breathtakingly thick and curved lashes and gives your eyes impressive and unforgettable beautiful radiance. The secret of Perfect Style lies in its curved, high-tech brush. It is extra soft and curved for a perfect fit along your lash line. This enables easy colour application –– lash by lash. Every single lash is delicately coated for extremely intense and precise colour application. The finest extracts of elegant pearls supply rich and luxurious care and result in enchanting shine. The results are breathtaking: Ultra-thick, beautifully conditioned lashes with mega bounce. Perfect Style magically provides a false lash effect for beautifully shaped lashes.