Article No. 120337

Refreshing Aroma Complex

The aroma complex utilises the therapeutic powers of essential oils to clarify oily or damp scalps and give a lasting feeling of freshness.
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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Sometimes your head and mind just need a fresh kick. With its holistic effect, Refreshing Aroma Complex literally ensures a clear head. The essential power of selected herbs, fruit and wood refreshes and clears the scalp and acts on the whole organism via the limbic system. In the concentrated form of their essential oils, bergamot, juniper berry, lavender and cypress have an antibacterial and astringent effect. They clarify and refresh an oily or damp scalp, bring it into its optimum balance and regulate blood circulation. They also have a refreshing and mood-enhancing effect on a mental level. The essential oil of cedar rounds off the soothing cocktail by supporting the natural functions of the scalp and having a balancing effect on the skin and mind. A soothing freshness experience for the scalp, head and senses!