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Revitalising Hydro Cream

The light hydro cream quenches the thirst of dehydrated skin right down to the cells and at the same time slows down basic aging mechanisms. For all lovers of Ménulphia Jeneusse Hydratante this will be your new favorite product.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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Anti-aging with Méthode Régénérante from La Biosthétique: the well-cared-for, healthy future of the skin while curbing age-accelerating factors. A new generation of effective active ingredients responds precisely to different skin needs.  
Light as a feather, but powerful: this cream gives neither dryness nor aging a chance! An active ingredient from the Asian fruit rambutan hydrates the upper layer of the skin and increases the moisture content of the cells. Green microalgae and white lupins promote the formation of new cells and strengthen their structure, making the skin firmer and more elastic. Phytosterols from rapeseed keep it supple, support the skin's barrier function and protect against moisture loss.

Edelweiss extract encapsulated exclusively for La Biosthétique reaches deeper areas of the skin, where it unfolds its lasting revitalising effect as an excellent free radical scavenger and main player in the deep-acting Méthode Régénérante Well-Aging Strategy, regenerating the skin barrier and optimising the collagen balance.

At the same time, the plant-based lipoamino acid palmitoyl glycine reduces micro-inflammation in the skin, which is considered to be the cause of numerous skin aging processes, boosts collagen formation and gives the skin a vital glow. Back in its natural balance, the revitalised and strengthened skin thanks you with a balanced complexion and vibrant glow.