Article No. 002179

Self Tanning Drops

The extremely easily dosable Self Tanning Drops give the face, neck and décolleté a natural, individual and completely safe tan just the way you want it.
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply extend the summer and keep your freshly tanned post-holiday glow even in the colder months of the year? With the ingenious Self Tanning Drops, you can make this dream come true, drop by drop. For a completely natural and individual tan to meet your desires, simply mix your usual moisture care with a few drops of the self-tanner concentrate. The moment you apply the concentrate, its natural active ingredient Dihydroxyaceton (DHA) reacts with the proteins and amino acids of the top layer of skin and gently tans it. Sugar alcohols regulate the skin’s moisture content so that it can perfectly show off its stunning newly obtained tan. This healthy and even tan is completely safe and can be achieved with no risk of skin damage caused by UV radiation whenever your complexion needs an invigorating sun-kissed boost.