Article No. 002893

Spray Invisible SPF 30

Waterproof, ultra-light tanning activator: The transparent sun spray is instantly absorbed and protects the skin with SPF 30.
Filling Quantity
150 ml

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Simply spray on and you’re done: Spray Invisible instantly, reliably and highly effectively protects sun-sensitive skin from UV rays. That is why it is particularly suitable for sports and activities in the sun. Thanks to its ultra-light consistency and unique spray system, the transparent spray is evenly distributed on the skin like a fine mist – you don’t need to additionally rub it in. Spray Invisible also boosts pigmentation so that the skin tans faster, better and more evenly. It hydrates, beautifies and combats free radicals, one of the main causes of DNA damage, and additionally supports DNA repair. As the product contains alcohol, it is not suitable for babies and toddlers.