Article No. 002915

Spa Long Lasting Roll-on Antiperspirant

An antiperspirant for reducing excessive perspiration and avoiding body odour.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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There are situations in which we require particularly reliable protection. Be it on an exciting date, for an important exam or during sport, we don’t want to be disturbed by underarm perspiration or body odour. Long-Lasting Roll-on Antiperspirant provides this secure feeling thanks to its reliable formulation with aluminium salt. The salt keeps excessive perspiration under control, while kaolin absorbs moisture and unpleasant odours. The fresh texture of the antiperspirant is easy to apply, rapidly absorbed, and conditions the skin with plant glycerine. Both this protective effect and the invigorating scent accompany you throughout your day. The scent combines the tangy notes of raspberry and lime with aromatic basil, the flowery accents of water lily, violet and orchid and a base of cedar wood and moss to provide a unique fresh feeling.