Spa Refreshing Body Peeling

Refreshing body scrub

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When the body skin is dry and looks sallow, this is usually due to dead skin scales that collect on the surface of the skin. Refreshing Body Peeling acts as a rapid remedy and invigorates both the skin and the senses. As soon as it is massaged into the skin, natural exfoliating granules of bamboo fibre gently remove the dry skin scales and boost skin renewal. The scrub leaves the skin feeling silky soft and improves its ability to absorb conditioning substances. As natural moisturising factors, sodium salts of lactic acid and gluconic acid prevent the skin from drying out when showering, while plant prebiotics maintain the balance of the skin flora and strengthen the skin's natural defences. The fresh, revitalising scent of raspberry, basil and lime, followed by delicately floral accents and a sensual base note, makes the invigorating ritual an enjoyable feel-good moment.