Article No. 002544

Spa Rich Firming Body Butter

Rich contour-forming body butter
Filling Quantity
200 ml

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Who doesn’t want firm skin and a clearly defined body silhouette? The good news: in addition to sweat-inducing sport, consistent care also helps to firm the body skin and give it a smooth relief! Pampering Rich Firming Body Butter makes the most of the fat-reducing and tissue-firming properties of caffeine, artichoke extract and sugar cane extract. A film-forming complex of red microalgae, cellulose and pullulan provides an instant firming effect. What’s more, extracts of brown algae, green microalgae and marine polysaccharides boost the skin’s healthy microbiome, which in turn strengthens its barrier layer and protects it against moisture loss. The high-quality lipids of the shea butter support this effect, while pure sea water supplies the skin with important trace elements. The result: a firming yet enjoyable workout for the skin!