Article No. 003714

Spa Skin Perfecting Lifting Cream

Wrinkle-reducing care for the neck and décolleté.
Filling Quantity
75 ml

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The neck and décolleté are just as exposed as the face, but even more unforgiving when it comes to showing our real age, not only because their skin is thinner and more sensitive but also because they are often neglected in terms of care. When creases are taking longer and longer to disappear, Skin Perfecting Lifting Cream is an excellent helping hand. Its firming complex of a red microalgae, cellulose and pullulan, a film-forming polysaccharide, provides an instant lifting sensation. A further complex of millet and oak apples has a lasting firming effect by stimulating the synthesis and networking action of collagen. Extracts of brown algae, green microalgae and marine polysaccharides strengthen the skin’s protective function by optimising its microbial balance, while shea butter supplies valuable lipids. The skin’s elasticity is restored, and the complexion looks visibly rejuvenated.