Spa Wellness Hair Conditioner

A wellness hair conditioner for daily use after washing your hair.

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If your hair is stubborn, unruly and almost impossible to comb after washing and becomes flyaway when dried, it needs a soothing treatment with Wellness Hair Conditioner. In just two minutes, the conditioner calms the hair and scalp with lactic acid and gluconic acid, both of which are components of the skin’s natural moisturising factor it also combats dryness and smooths the hair structure. Cationic conditioning substances support this effect, prevent static charge of the hair and improve its combability. At the same time, prebiotic plant-based active ingredients maintain the healthy balance of the scalp. Irritations are avoided, the scalp maintains its balance, and the hair is full of elasticity and bounce. The scent of green lime supports this invigorating freshness; along with aromatic spicy and sensual woody notes, it accompanies you throughout the day.