Article No. 120669

Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioning Spray

The moment it is sprayed on, the intensively conditioning leave-in spray nourishes damaged hair with valuable oils, balances out structural damage and makes the hair easier to comb. It provides an ultra-soft, shiny result and does not need to be rinsed out.
Filling Quantity
200 ml

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Who doesn’t dream of having silky soft hair that can be effortlessly combed and styled after washing? The brittle reality, however, often looks different, especially in the case of hair frequently styled with heat tools: it is dry, lacklustre and unruly – up until the fine spray mist of Nourishing Conditioning Spray transforms it into the dream hair described above as if by magic! This magic is performed by a highly concentrated leave-in formula. A nourishing cocktail of lecythis and cacay oil conditions the hair down to the tips with Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. It supplies moisture, locks it in the hair and leaves the hair feeling weightless with silky shine. At the same time, wheat peptides repair damaged structures and improve the hair quality. As a result, the formerly dull hair is easy to style and radiates with vibrant shine.