Structure Repair Nourishing Shampoo

The moisturising shampoo has a structure-balancing effect and makes dry, damaged hair wonderfully soft with silky shine.

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The rich shampoo is like a soothing bath for dry hair that has become damaged due to excessive heat styling and environmental influences. Its pampering foam cleans the hair and scalp extremely gently yet effectively. An extract of desert rose supplies brittle structures with rich moisture and thus improves the elasticity of each individual hair. Argan oil supplies important nutrients, restructures the weakened hair and helps to give it new strength. Every time the nourishing shampoo is applied, the hair feels healthier and easier to care for. Its vital silky softness is restored, the hair surface is calmed and smoothed, and frizz and brittle ends become a thing of the past. After the pampering wash, the scalp feels wonderfully relaxed, and the fully conditioned hair takes centre stage with its shine.