Sun Care Body Lotion SPF 30

With a combination of effective UV filters, cell-active natural active ingredients and a tanning activator, the waterproof conditioning sun milk protects the skin against sun-induced damage while helping it to achieve an attractive, even tan.

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You can’t have it all? Of course you can! With Sun Care Lotion SPF 30, you can protect and care for your skin and get an impressive tan. The waterproof milk is ideal for people with a light brown complexion who tan easily but want to protect their skin against the negative impacts of intense sun exposure. A combination of state-of-the-art UV filters that are not suspected of damaging coral reefs protects the skin against sunburn and redness. A complex of sunflower seeds, a natural antioxidant and rosemary extract combats light-induced skin aging and chronic light damage so that even deeper skin layers remain protected against damage. A tanning activator gives the skin a particularly intense and long-lasting tan that is perfectly presented thanks to the creamy, rapidly absorbed care formulation.