Article No. 002396

Sun Care Body Lotion SPF 50

With a combination of effective, highly dosed UV filters and cell-active natural active ingredients, the waterproof, perfume-free sun milk protects the skin against sun-induced damage.
Filling Quantity
200 ml

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The creamy Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 provides care and protection for skin in the sun and helps to provide a safe, subtle tan. The waterproof milk contains no perfumes and is ideal for people with very pale skin prone to redness. A combination of particularly effective UV filters protects the skin against sunburn and redness. The selected filters stand out due to their very high protective effect and are not suspected of damaging coral reefs. While the surface of the skin is safely protected against the damaging effects of sun exposure, a complex of sunflower seeds, a natural antioxidant and rosemary extract combats light-induced skin aging and chronic light damage on a cell level. Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 is pampering evidence that comprehensive sun protection and beautiful skin with a subtle tan are not a contradiction.