Article No. 002157

Sun Care Cream Sensitive SPF 50+

The easily absorbed sun cream with SPF 50+ provides sensitive skin on the face and body with comprehensive protection against sunburn and deeper damage caused by UV radiation.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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Sometimes you just need a bit more protection. At such times, this easily absorbed sun cream is the ideal solution. Its highly effective latest-generation UVA and UVB filters protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun. Its formulation consciously avoids the use of UV filters suspected to damage coral reefs and contribute to the bleaching of coral. An active ingredient complex of sunflowers, natural antioxidants and rosemary extract combats free radicals, provides intelligent cell and DNA protection and protects against light-induced skin aging deep down. Rapidly absorbed conditioning substances keep the skin smooth and provide it with lasting moisture. The neutrally scented cream can be combined with every day care product, is distributed as effortlessly as an oil, does not shine, stick or leave white marks and is proven to be suitable for sensitive skin types too.