Color Grading

Fascinating colour effects for eye-catching looks – simply beautiful, smooth and chic

You have undoubtedly already noticed the special colour mood that makes some Hollywood films and popular series so atmospheric.A warm sunny shade is featured in some, whereas a blue grey coolness is featured in others.This isn’t just due to a simple colour filter, but a much cleverer technique known as colour grading. Instead of immersing the entire scenery in one uniform colour, it plays with contrasts, depths and light until a unique atmosphere is created which is both fascinating and captivating. 

Flowing colour effects

The colour looks created with colour grading, the new colour technique inspired by the art of digital colour processing, are both fascinating and exciting. It creates radiant lights and incredible dimensions, just as if you were standing in the spotlights of a film set. The secret is three or more shades that harmoniously and continuously flow together. The darkest shade at the roots creates density and a natural look. It melts with increasingly lighter shades that add colour intensity and vibrant radiance to first the mid-lengths and ultimately the tips.

Your striking and flawless color transition

Artistic application

To achieve such a flawless colour result, the colour technician paints the colour in overlapping shades on to large areas of the hair. This gentle artistic application creates soft and natural colour effects with unique vibrance and shimmering brilliance. You, and your La Biosthétique colour expert, decide how dramatic you want the result to be! You can choose from the entire range of the colour system Tint & Tone Advanced: from brown, red and blonde shades through to pastels. 

Customised colour look

Based on the hair length, desired result and individual colour type, your personalised colour shades are defined and then carefully placed in the hair in different tones and directions. You will love the unmistakable personalised effect! Talk to your La Biosthétique coiffeur about colour grading, and together you can create your own personal palette of colour effects. For a fascinating colour look.

Andrea Bennett, International Creative Color Director:

„Color Grading is essential for all colour lovers. Inspired by the art of digital colour processing, the contemporary modern Color Grading technique sets new standards for expressive colour looks, no matter whether they are natural to colourful or classical to editorial. The result convinces with an ungraduated, fascinatingly shimmering colour effect in brown, red, blonde or pastel shades, depending on the client’s wish. Color Grading is exclusively offered by the colour expert in your La Biosthétique Salon.“

Think colourful – Color Grading is essential for all colour lovers.

Excite with your brilliantly shimmering and subtly ungraduated Color Grading Look. Arrange an appointment today – The La Biosthétique colour experts will be pleased to consult you!

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