Curl & Control

The perfect styling solution for controlled and visibly conditioned curls with lots of bounce and volume.

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Get Curl Control Mousse, the gel mousse for curls, and Molding Cream, the conditioning modelling cream, in a set:

Step 1

Curl Control Mousse is evenly distributed into damp hair and then given the desired shape with the fingers. To bunch the curls loose twists are created in the hair with the fingers.

Step 2

The hair is dried with the diffuser. It is important that the hair is only gently lifted and not subjected to extreme movement or kneading. The hairdryer should only be on a low setting, but work with lots of heat. Don’t completely dry the hair. Some residual moisture will prevent the curls from becoming frizzy. 

Step 3

Molding Cream is distributed into the palms and worked into the lengths and tips. Then use the hands to give the hair the desired shape.

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