Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium

To combat hair loss and all age-related hair changes!

Why hair loss?

The cause of decreasing hair density can be many and varied: stress, hormonal factors or natural aging processes. The decline in productivity of the stem cells of the hair follicle always plays a dominant role here. These stem cells are the decisive starters for active hair growth. Another factor is a saccharification of the connective tissue, which increases as we age and is known as glycation. This leads to hardening of the tissue, the scalp loses elasticity and is unable to be properly supplied with nutrients.

How does Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium work?

On a scientifically documented basis of medicinal and cell biology research, Thérapie Anti–Chute Premium has succeeded in setting a new milestone to combat all causes of premature hair aging and hair loss.

— Two different effect mechanisms actively combat hereditary, hormonal, temporary and patchy hair loss.

— The stem cells that are important for hair growth are reactivated and extensively protected.

— Damaging hardening of the tissue by deposited sugars is reduced, and the tissue is protected from new hardening.

— Melanin production is stimulated, and premature greying of the hair is prevented.   

The result:

Less hair loss
More hair fullness
Tangibly strengthened hair
Longer preservation of the natural hair color

What helps combat hair loss?

To effectively stop hair loss, Anti-Chute Premium relies on natural active ingredients. Proven ingredients from larch wood, green tea, burdock root, apples and ginseng protect the stem cells and reactivate them. This results in an improvement of the ratio between existing and newly growing hairs. In addition, the high-quality ingredients protect against further saccharification of the connective tissue.


How does the new Anti-Chute Premium range work?

New components complete the already proven formulation, and ensure an even better result. Red sage and Vitamin B3 break down the complete saccharification in the tissue in just four months, and a newly developed biomimetic peptide stimulates melanin production and thus prevents the hair from turning grey. Consequently, the new product range offers an even more effective solution against sparse, weakly growing and greying hair.

The unbeatable two for full & strong hair:

Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium

A highly concentrated deep-conditioning treatment to combat hair loss and all age-related hair changes with a scientifically proven effect. Breaks down the saccharification of the tissue and helps to prevent the hair turning grey.

Elixir Anti-Chute Premium

A scalp tonic to protect and strengthen hair growth, ideal as a preventative treatment in combination or after a deep-conditioning treatment with Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium. Supports the breakdown of the tissue saccharification.