Man, his scent, his style.

Eau de Toilette Homme from the Homme range by La Biosthétique features sensuality, strength and a fresh note to emphasise the individuality of your personality.

Unique, masculine and with its very own mind. Anything goes, but nothing is a must. The new high-tech men's range Homme, developed in exchange with global La Biosthétique experts, uncompromisingly addresses the needs of real men. Regardless of your age and whether you have a beard or are clean shaven. In addition to the outstanding product effect, the unusual scent concept is also particularly remarkable. Earthy depth, fresh accents and strong, clear harmonies create a fascinating synergy.

An impressive scent composition that is continued in Eau de Toilette, which perfectly complements the Homme range.

New and yet harmonious is the goal. Because the great mind behind the scent concept of the Homme range and creator of the new Homme men's scent, Geza Schön, particularly values originality. Ultimately, it's about standing out from the crowd and being an individual. And precisely this is the trademark of the international freelance perfumier. The basic idea for the new Eau de Toilette was born right at the beginning of the cooperation between the Berlin resident Schön and La Biosthétique. Over time, the scent composition was optimised and once again completely reinterpreted. The result is an outstanding marriage of high-quality perfume oils.

Bergamot, elderberry, pink pepper, lime and grapefruit form the fresh top note, which perfectly harmonises with the soft heart note of water lily, orchid, jasmine, clary sage and rose. The masculine base note gently flows through an elegant composition of warm, earthy scents of vanilla, cashmere wood, cedarwood, moss, musk and ambergris.

The scent is fresh, green, spicy, only slightly floral and with a tonka-leather-musk woody base note. Masculine, with lots of strength and, above all, anything but generic.

Eau de Toilette Homme and the other products from the La Biosthétique Homme range are now available in your La Biosthétique salon.

Geza Schön, international perfumier

"True masculinity and smart body care are no longer mutually exclusive. But the scent plays a vital role. It addresses a completely different sense than the visual sense and is a way to express yourself, explore your personality and emphasise your own individuality".

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