Men’s Grooming

Soft skin, smooth hands and well groomed hairstyling. For women only? Not at all. Real men have long since realised that this is them, too

It's not that long ago that pots, tubes and bottles on the bathroom shelves were mainly women's products. Meanwhile, there has been a clear transformation in this trend. The change in attitude to themselves, cosmetics and care and a brand-new identification with their bodies have resulted in men reclaiming their space in the bathroom. Moreover, a daily care routine has now become a key part of their lifestyle.

Luckily, the products from the La Biosthétique Homme range for men, make this a breeze. After all, it's worth it. And, so are you! Because whoever pays attention to their appearance and feels good about their skin and hair emits a true radiance. It makes you appear strong and confident. Let's be honest, who doesn't want that?

Face to face

Men love products with an instant result. Particularly when it comes to combating skin aging and wrinkle formation. Men's skin isn't immune to this. Consequently, a suitable face care should supply the skin with sufficient moisture. Also very important: it should be specially geared towards the needs of men's skin. Because, compared to women's skin, men's skin is not only thicker and more robust, but also gets oily faster and is more prone to blemishes. That's why a daily care routine should also include thorough cleansing. Particularly in the evening. So that the skin can truly reenergise and regain its resilience overnight.

Beard? Care!

Whether clean shaven, a full beard or stubble, all that counts is regular care. However, up to 40 percent of all men battle with skin problems caused by shaving. This doesn't have to be the case. Homme Shaving Gel from La Biosthétique ensures a perfect glide of the blade and contains an active ingredient complex of red marine algae and nourishing microalgae to strengthen the skin and protect it from dehydration. This helps prevent razor burn.

Hands up if you need care!

Our hands say a whole lot about us. This is a good reason to give them sufficient attention. In a few quick steps, they will look beautiful and well groomed again:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly
  2. Trim your nails and remove dirt
  3. File your nails and carefully push back the cuticles
  4. Apply a moisturising hand cream

Little tip: The rich nail care oil Spa Fanex from La Biosthétique protects the nails and cuticles from tearing and external influences

Get ahead with beautiful hair!

A perfect appearance also includes the right hairstyle. This starts with proper scalp care. A healthy scalp with sufficient moisture is the foundation for healthy hair growth.

By the way: Stress can promote hair loss. So simply relax in your La Biosthétique salon and let us pamper you.

Relaxing can be so easy. Book one of our little pampering services with your next hair appointment:


Refreshment for the scalp


New body for the hair


Finally dandruff-free

Prevent hair loss and enjoy a relaxing scalp and neck massage.

Let us pamper your hair with a professional hair care and strengthening active ingredients.

This treatment improves your scalp's hypersensitivity and completely frees your scalp of dandruff.


New power for the scalp


Hand polish express


Freshness boost for tired eyes

First aid for hair loss. Includes consultation for the optimum home care.

Instantly smooth rough hands with Himalayan salt, avocado and jojoba oil.

Treat your eye area with pure fitness. 

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