Sensitive? Your skin is different.

Méthode Sensitive enables particularly sensitive, dry skin to become skin that looks and feels more relaxed.

In this range La Biosthétique includes special ingredients of plant oils that combat the cause of sensitive skin. The skin’s protective functions are stabilised, the barrier layer is strengthened, moisture is able to be bound in the skin again. With its pleasantly light texture, sensitive scent formulation and a skin barrier-strengthening active ingredient concept. 

Whether hereditary or lack of skin elasticity and resilience: the causes of dry skin are many and varied. Excessive care and cleansers can also dehydrate the skin. If the skin is sensitive, it reacts to countless external influences with tightness, redness, tingling and dry skin areas.

To give this skin the perfect care, it not only needs a product that provides oils and moisturisers, but also makes the skin feel good and restores balance to the impaired barrier function of sensitive skin. Méthode Sensitive was specially developed for precisely this skin type: with more intense effects thanks to state-of-the-art research, skin problem-based formulation adjustments and a new scent formulation, especially for sensitive skin.

Inside. The ingredients.

Oat lipids: Rich in valuable ingredients
For youthfully cared for skin: Stabilises the skin’s protective functions. The high content of antioxidants also protects the skin lipids from damage by free radicals. The defective skin barrier is repaired. Special plant oil components, known as phytosterols, also combat the cause of sensitive skin. Regardless of your skin type, age or gender, relaxed wellbeing is restored to the skin.

Phytosterols: the amazing plant active ingredient for sensitive skin
For relaxed, soft skin: Restructures the impaired barrier function of sensitive skin. Strengthens and protects the skin barrier layer, binds moisture and also ensures an intact lipid layer. Instantly and noticeably reduces skin irritation.

Outside. The scent concept.

Free from allergens

For sensitive skin: With a pleasantly fresh scent and free from all known allergens in the scent composition. This means Méthode Sensitive is also suitable for people who are sensitive to perfumes.

Clean up. Face cleansing.
Clair de Teint Sensitif

For particularly sensitive skin.

The skin-friendly cleansing milk contains natural oat surfactants for mild yet gentle face cleansing, of even waterproof make-up. At the same time, the skin feels velvety soft and cared for. The particularly mild texture locks moisture into the skin so that there is no feeling of dryness after cleansing.

Visalix Sensitif

For particularly sensitive skin.

This skin-calming face lotion hydrates the skin after cleansing, and instantly makes it softer and more elastic. Oat extracts strengthen and calm the skin so it feels noticeably fresher, and looks radiantly beautiful.

Face this. The face care.

Yes or no?

Fast skin test.

- Does your skin feel dry and irritated after washing? - Is your skin prone to redness, itchiness and is it often tight?- Is your skin often exposed to extreme temperature differences, air conditioning, dry air or lots of sun?- Do you wash your skin more than twice a day? Do you often bathe or shower?If you answered yes to one of these questions, you are prone to dry skin: Try Douceur Sensitive. If you answered yes to several of these questions, you should try Douceur Sensitive Riche for extremely dry or Douceur Sensitive Hydratante for dehydrated skin. Relaxing face care for all skin types, regardless of age and gender

In your hands. The hand care.

Crème Protectrice

For extremely stressed hands.

Skin-similar protective film with long-term moisturising effect for visible and noticeable improvement of the skin condition. Crème Protectrice is non-oily, very rapidly absorbed and makes the skin feel pleasantly cared for – for hands that have to be up to the task.