Nobi Talai presents NT.07 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Paris is a city in which practically every street has a historical significance. Scarcely any other metropolis in the world has so many streets with Wikipedia entries and histories. Streets such as Avenue Montaigne, Champs-Elysées, Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue de Rivoli are known and loved by so many! Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement is regarded as one of the world's most famous luxury shopping streets. More than two kilometres between Place de la Concorde and Place des Ternes is home to the who is who of haute couture. This includes flagship stores such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Sonia Rykiel. This concentration of luxury brands makes Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré the most expensive shopping street in Paris.

Today's urban nomads

Precisely here, at house number 252, is the location of the art déco-style Salle Pleyel. On 1 October, 2018 this renowned symphony concert hall was the venue for the spring/summer 2019 collection of the Berlin label Nobi Talai. The purist, white, neutral ambience of this hall was a perfect fit for the reserved yet strikingly detailed designs of the new NT.07 collection. Berlin-based designer Nobieh Talaei came to Germany from her parent's home in Iran at the tender age of 11. For the new season, in the presence of numerous celebrity guests and important fashion press representatives, including the Editor in Chief of "Vogue", Christiane Arp, Talaei combined loosely tied ribbons, cummerbunds and accent collars. Macramé sleeves of recycled cotton yarn and saddlebags created a striking new accent. With such collection details inspired by the Persian nomads, Nobieh Talaei once again skilfully combined tradition and modernity developing the concept for today's urban nomads.

Reduction as a style medium - The hair concept

The La Biosthétique Paris beauty team had to take a reductionist approach to perfectly emphasise this look for the catwalk presentation of the prêt-à-porter show. International Creative Director Alexander Dinter describes the hairstyling concept as follows: "At Nobi Talai hair is more of a background feature. It looks undone and should support the pure effect of the model. But we also make sure the hair looks lively. We call this "grooming", a gentle method to style the hair without it looking too done. It emphasises the naturalness of each girl and, above all, the garments".

La Biosthétique Paris was once again the hair and make-up partner of Nobi Talai at Paris Fashion Week. With an international team of hairdressers and stylists from the world's leading La Biosthétique salons, Alexander Dinter and Steffen Zoll, who contributed the make-up concept, created an excellent canvas for the Nobi Talai collection.

Morning dew as a make-up concept

Steffen Zoll, who has chosen New York as his home, describes the accompanying make-up concept for the NT.07 collection as follows: "The inspiration was a morning in the countryside - I wake up, I look out of the window, see the mist and dew rising over the meadows. It is precisely this atmosphere that we find in this beautiful lustre that we are giving the models' skin. Then I see the soft orange sun rising in the background - this is reflected on the lips of the girls. Like the morning sun or the morning dawn". As always, this idea to use the look of the girls for the perfect completion of the fantastic new designs of Nobi Talai was born in collaboration with the designer Nobieh Talaei. Steffen Zoll reveals that "we looked at the collection together and considered what would best reflect the designs. How can we capture this fresh naturalness? Then we were certain that the leitmotif of the morning dew is best suited to capture the textures, the shapes and colours of the collection of Nobi Talai. We named the look Glowing Springs Morning Sun, and I think we made the right choice with this concept".

La Biosthétique Glowing Springs Morning Sun look tutorial

For the Nobi Talai look it is important to keep the visible skin structure very fair and natural and emphasise it with a slight glow. No mascara and only lightly brushed eyebrows. The lips are given a very matte look with very little colour. Here is how to create the look, step-by-step:

La Biosthétique Glowing Springs Morning Sun Look


- For dry lips you should first apply a lip scrub - The moist lips are treated with Daily Care. Automatic Pencil for Lips in "Poppy Orange" which is softly dabbed on as a base colour

For the Nobi Talai look it is important to keep the visible skin structure very fair and natural and emphasise it with a slight glow. No mascara and only lightly brushed eyebrows. The lips are given a very matte look with very little colour. Here is how to create the look, step-by-step:


- After cleansing, spray some Botanique Balancing Toner on to the face, then massage in a capsule of La Capsule


- Daily Highlighter is directly and evenly applied to the moist facial skin and décolleté

- Teint Correcteur conceals unevenness or dark spots and undereye shadows are also slightly, but not completely, concealed

- Earth Glow Gel in Beige, Doré or Ambré (depending on the skin tone) is lightly applied to the cheeks


- The eyebrows are brushed upwards and the gaps are filled in with Automatic Pencil for Brows

- For very red and translucent skin on the eyelids, the lids are slightly concealed with Teint Correcteur

- The lashes are curled upwards several times with eyelash curlers.

Nobi Talai and La Biosthétique Paris

Nobi Talai and La Biosthétique Paris have enjoyed a long-standing, successful partnership. La Biosthétique Paris regards it as a great privilege to have once again contributed to this season's Paris Fashion Week as the hair and make-up partner of Nobi Talai to ensure the successful launch of the new collection. The entire team enjoyed the atmosphere backstage and did their utmost to emphasise the collection's philosophy. In view of the completely positive to euphoric reactions of the fashion press and fashion experts to the new Nobi Talai collection, we can definitely conclude that the NT.07 collection was an absolute highlight of Paris Fashion Week, and will continue to cause quite a stir in the fashion world.