NT.08 — The new collection by Nobi Talai

Surrounded by a famous park, Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild on Rue Berryer in the 8th arrondissement also ranks among the most interesting buildings in the city of Paris, which has more historically significant buildings than practically any other metropolis in the world. The former residence of Adèle von Rothschild was designed by Leon Ohnet and built between 1872 and 1878. It is situated at the heart of Paris, just a few minutes’ walk from Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Today, the monumental building houses the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, among others.

It is precisely this venue between Parc Monceau and the Champs-Elysées that Berlin designer Nobieh Talaei chose for the NT.08 collection of her label Nobi Talai. Between the high windows and the elegant halls of this impressive building, her models floated through the former ballrooms along unusual, winding corridors with decorative oriental rugs adorning the galleries. It was a concept that broke away from the classic linear design of a runway, bringing audience and fashion noticeably closer and fitting in well with the collection's sustainable philosophy and its sometimes refreshingly reinterpreted minimalism.

Raw and not too prettified – the natural after-sports look

The beauty experts from La Biosthétique Paris have collaborated with Nobieh Talaei at several Paris Fashion Weeks in the past, and were once again honoured to contribute the hair and make-up looks for this season's new Nobi Talai collection, which was celebrated by both the audience and the press. Talking about the concept, Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll said: “Intense preparation of the skin was the main idea behind our look. After exfoliating the models’ skin, capsules and a special oil were applied, followed by a cream. You need the three components of moisture, oils and lipids to get the skin so perfect that “fonds de teint” or foundation is almost superfluous. And so we produced the perfect canvas for Nobieh’s idea. Her vision was for an après sport look. We then put our lipsticks to a new use, slightly reddening the cheeks and eyes to create this light glow that you get after a brief workout. As a result, the girls still looked very fresh and natural. We also deliberately applied the eye make-up with a finger to make it authentic, so it was okay for it to look smudged and not too prettified. This season’s casting therefore had to pay even more attention than usual to the models’ skin. We can do a lot with make-up, but the girls really have to have very good skin to achieve such a natural look”.The effort paid off. The “slightly out of breath” make-up look for the models was the perfect complement to the dynamic, young, modern and active direction of the new Nobi Talai collection, and thus made a small contribution to creating the perfect result.

Der Nobi Talai "Lavish Radiance" Look im Step-by-Step Tutorial

Phase I – Preparing the skin:

1 Cleanse and clarify the skin with Clair de Teint Sensitif and exfoliate with Masque Peeling.

2 After the Balancing Toner, apply intensive care to the skin with La Capsule Hydratante and Menulphia Jeunesse Hydratante and to the lips with Traitement Levres.  

Phase II – The make-up look:

1 — Correct slight unevenness with Teint Correcteur.

2 — Fill the eyebrows in slightly with Automatic Pencil for Brows.

3 — To create a fresh look, outline the eyes with True Color Lipstick Cool Hazel and apply Cream Gloss Nougat to the eyelids.

4 — Dab Automatic Pencil for Eyes k05 Black between lashes and waterline with a finger.

5— Create a healthy flush to the cheeks with Sensual Lipstick M402 Rosy Nude and Sensual Lipstick M401 Red Tulip.

6— Prime the lips with Teint Correcteur, and emphasise the middle of the lips with Sensual Lipstick M402 Rosy Nude.