Protect your skin from free radicals with the anti-pollution moisture gel Perles Hydro-Vitalité from Méthode Régénérante.

Free radicals are your skin's greatest enemy. They are caused by external factors such as UV radiation, fine dust and exhaust fumes, by personal habits such as diet, nicotine and alcohol, but also by natural processes in the body. To a certain extent the body can use its own defence mechanisms to neutralise radicals, but once it has exhausted its capacity to do so, the free radicals damage all structures in our cells. And particularly the skin as our defence against the environment needs active support to cope with these challenges.

Anti-pollution plus an SPF

Sun protection acts as the bodyguard of a healthy skin because UV rays directly impact the skin, resulting in e.g. sunburn and the formation of free radicals. These impacts are however increasingly exacerbated by environmental pollutants adhering to the skin, which can result in cell damage and thus premature skin aging. Consequently, the skin needs effective protection against these damaging external factors.

A protective shield for vitally radiant skin

The conditioning anti-pollution moisture gel Perles Hydro-Vitalité instantly and lastingly moisturises whilst protecting against external, damaging influences and thus preventing premature skin aging. The encapsulated plant extracts spread on the skin like a protective shield, and reduce the adhesion of pollution particles. At the same time the skin barrier is strengthened. The innovative formulation with its intense deep-moisturising effect of red algae extracts with sea salt binds moisture for many hours in the epidermis and makes the skin look instantly smoother, softer, firmer and fuller, similar to the results of a hyaluronic acid treatment. The skin's grey tint is reduced and its radiance is restored.

Without Perles Hydro-Vitalité

With Perles Hydro Vitalité

Skin surface during the day

Skin surface after cleansing

Skin surface after cleansing

Application of Perles Hydro-Vitalité

The product is suitable for all skin ages and all skin types. It can be applied like a serum under or over your care cream to support the anti-aging effect, is a highly suitable make-up base and can be applied again during the day at any time. A further benefit of the hydrogel is the improved effect of additionally applied UV filters. Ideally, simply apply after daily cleansing with a gentle yet deep cleanser , followed by a toner.