Fans of Dry Hair and Oil Therapy listen up - now comes Structure Repair!

To offer you even better care options for your hair, we have slimmed down our range. Your previous favorite product was from the Dry Hair series or Oil Therapy? Then find your new favorite product in the new Structure Repair series!

This series has been specially developed to transform damaged hair into a supple soft and silky shiny splendor. Our Structure Repair products are formulated with high quality ingredients that strengthen, repair and revitalize your hair. You'll feel and see the difference immediately!

To help you find your way, here's an overview of which Structure Repair product will become your new favorite!

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Dry Hair Shampoo vs. Structure Repair Nourishing Shampoo:

Structure Repair Nourishing Shampoo is the ideal solution for your hair! It provides intense moisture and revitalizes the hair. 


Dry Hair Conditioner vs. Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioner:

Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioner is the perfect choice for those looking for a lighter conditioning option. It provides dry, severely damaged hair with intense moisture and significantly improves combability.


Dry Hair Conditioning Spray vs. Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioning Spray:

Our brand new Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioning Spray provides similar effective care as the Dry Hair Conditioning Spray. This leave-in spray intensively nourishes your damaged hair and compensates for structural damage. Look forward to healthy, shiny hair that is effortlessly cared for.


Oil Therapy Cream vs. Structure Repair Nourishing Mask:

For our exclusive salon treatment Oil Therapy Cream, we recommend the pampering Structure Repair Nourishing Mask for use at home. This intensively nourishing mask gives your hair even more vitality and shine.

The series is completely vegan. All products consist of over 95%, the Nourishing Oil and Nourishing Conditioning Spray 80% of ingredients of natural origin. 

Structure Repair does not contain heat protection. Especially for dry hair, it is advisable to avoid exposing the hair to strong heat as much as possible. If this cannot be avoided, the Heat Protecting Spray from the La Biosthetique styling range should be used for optimum protection.

Yes, the Nourishing Mask can be used independently. It provides the necessary nutrients to the porous hair structure damaged by excessive heat styling or environmental influences. Thus, the hair regains healthy vitality, suppleness and silky shine without weighing it down. Of course, the Nourishing Mask is also the ideal home care after the Oil Therapy treatment in the salon. 

You have further questions? Then please feel free to contact us or the La Biosthétique salon you trust!