Modern Blue

Seductive : Your complexion has a summery golden glow, your lips shimmer in a modern metallic orange red, and one thing attracts everyone’s gaze : your eyes. The iridescent blue grey is reminiscent of the fascinating depths of the ocean. Modern & sexy!


For a summery light complexion the smooth texture of Teint Frais is particularly suitable. It perfectly blends with the skin and gives it a soft tint. Simply apply the tinted day cream with the fingers and lightly work into the skin. To create a light summer tan, subtly apply a small amount of Earth Glow Gel to the cheeks and temples.


The particular focus of this look is the unusual and iridescent eye make–up. Apply the new, blue grey Silky Eyes Steel Blue to the bottom and top eyelid and lightly soften. As a highlight on the eye the deep blue Eye Performer Blue Lagoon creates a vibrant frame along the top and bottom lashes, and makes the eyes look even bigger. Give the eye make–up the perfect finish by applying several coats of mascara Perfect Volume Blue.


In this dramatic summer look the eyebrows are given slightly less emphasis so as not to upstage the expressive eye make–up. So fill in little gaps in the eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows and shape as desired with the integrated eyebrow brush.


Boost the complexion you have given a summery tint with Teint Frais and Earth Glow Gel by adding a soft hint of Tender Blush Passion Rose and applying the blusher to the inside of the cheeks.


To match the radiant eye make–up of the look the new Sensual Lipstick B234 Sunset can either be applied to the lips with the La Biosthétique lip brush No. 12 or lightly dabbed on with the fingers. Depending on the applied intensity, the brilliant lipstick shines in a metallic shimmering orange red.


This look is completed by the intense pink of Brilliant Nail Pink Magenta which gives well groomed hands an exciting finish.

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