Berlin Fashion Week 2018

Beauty Expert of MBFW

#mbfwBeautyExpert 2018 - La Biosthétique attended the Berlin Fashion Week as an exclusive beauty expert.

Everything new in the city on the Spree. At Berlin Fashion Week 2018 everything pointed towards progress: new location, new concept. For two days, the stylish ewerk in the Berlin-Mitte district was the venue of 10 designer shows of the MBFW. Everything was a little smaller, but also a little more exclusive. In addition, there was the pre-opening, which the German-Polish Fashion Week favourite Dawid Tomaszewski attended on the evening before the official launch with his new collection, and La Biosthétique was the new beauty expert on site. The team of International Creative Director Alexander Dinter and Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll provided the leading looks for the designer shows. A Herculean task! 10 shows in 48 hours. For every designer, a matching beauty concept was rapidly developed in advance to perfectly support the respective collection and be harmoniously emphasised by the looks of the models.

 International Creative Director Alexander Dinter & Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll

"We spent two days before the shows developing five looks a day. This was very intense and exciting time. Our teams were also extremely challenged backstage because they had very little time to prepare the hair and make-up for the shows. This meant we had to design looks that worked, were fast to create and still looked really cool and matched the ethos of the respective label. It was great that our brand was able to be 'Beauty Expert of Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week'. We have wanted to do this for a long time, and our team was really excited to take part."

Be inspired by the new looks of the fashion designers and hair and make-up looks of the #mbfwBeautyExpert La Biosthétique for autumn/winter 2018:

Dawid Tomaszewski

Dawid Tomaszewski's autumn/winter collection is characterised by reserved colours such as dark blue and grey, as well as pink and reddish dabs of colour. From tweed boots to Glen check ponchos and floor-length kimono coats, from violet satin dresses to frayed fur combined with velvet and a rush of sequins. The audience was particularly entranced by the fantastic plethora of ideas and individual highlights, which ultimately combined to form an exemplary and harmonious collection.
The focus of the hairstyling was a rather "undone" look in which the models' long hair was tied into a high ponytail and then visibly fastened with lots of clips at the top of the head. The goal was to use these clipped lengths of hair to create a fringe that fell messily onto the face.
In keeping with the hairstyling, the make-up was sporty, young and quite daring: the fresh complexion with soft accents was given a dramatic touch with the striking red lip make-up with shaded ombré effect.


For his label Ivanman designer Ivan Mandžukić created a brightly coloured appeal to the modern man. The collection offered an ironic look at classic gender stereotypes, and the impressed audience experienced vibrant fashion of grass green trousers, jackets and coats with colourful patterns. Floral elements and patent bags completed the outfits.
In contrast, the hair and make-up concepts were rather reserved. Natural, masculine shapes in the hair were given slight emphasis; the complexion merely needed slight mattification to make it catwalk-ready.

Ewa Herzog

Berlin-based designer Ewa Herzog staged a comeback of cool elegance and femininity. Lots of transparent lace, tulle, wool, wine red jumpsuits alongside pale rose and black dresses with gold or silver highlights and eye catching accessories such as full mirrored heart-shaped sunglasses were featured in this season's looks.
The hairstyling continuously heightened the suspense of the fashion. For the low bun the hair was slicked out of the face with gel and tied into a tight ponytail. The twisted ponytail was securely pinned into a low bun below the Atlas.
The make-up perfectly emphasised the confident and strong attitude of the fashion statement. Dramatically shaded, emphasised eyes and strikingly accentuated cheekbones dominated the look. In contrast, the lip make-up was rather subtle. The mouth was merely emphasised by a light shade of nude.

Cashmere Victim

Designer Konstanze Maager celebrated a wonderful debut at the Fashion Week with her label Cashmere Victim, and people loved her light and airy presentations and very colourful patterns. Bright colours from magenta to orange and turquoise met floral prints and watercolour black lines. The former pro ballerina combined imitation leather trousers and Doc Martens with delicate sweaters featuring floral prints and fruit patterns. Particularly, cranes play a key role in the unusual designs.
The hair was given a very sleek centre parting and fastened in a low ponytail. Golden ribbons were wrapped around the ponytail to create interesting accents.
The make-up stood out with courageous and exciting effects. A light summer blush on the cheeks was complemented by highly emphasised eyes with silver and gold powder. The eyebrows were embellished with cosmetic glitter to create a special highlight. Mandarin-coloured lips provided youthful freshness, with a dab of gold interrupting their outline. The result was a modern fairylike paradise look that scored points with lots of lightness.


For the winter collection designers Isi Degel and Ulrich Schulte were inspired by art and all its colours and shapes. The designs, which the audience celebrated with minutes of applause, featured chalky pastel shades and intense colours like those from Matisse's famous cut-outs to bring an artistic atmosphere to the catwalk. Riani's combination of sportswear and functional wear elements was bang on trend.
The hair concept of the La Biosthétique team emphasised the youthful lightness of the fashion with a girlish, uncomplicated sleek style: The low ponytail fastened at the nape was given a weightless attitude with soft, flyaway curls at the contour. Glossing Spray on the top of the head gave the style magical shine.
The ethereal, transparent elements of the hairstyling were continued in the make-up. The complexion was given a soft glow without hard contours in shades of orange and brown. The look was completed with glossy lips.


At the end of the first Fashion Week day, the Viennese label Callisti celebrated its debut, presented by Mercedes Benz and the glossy magazine ELLE. At the show Callisti more than did justice to its reputation for creating edgy and elegant fashion for confident women: The fashion label impressed the audience with sweeping, opulent skirts paired with scanty tops. Asian and Far Eastern influences were featured in the form of colourful kimono and samurai styles. As always with Callisti, the predominantly subdued colours were showcased on figure-hugging cuts. The collection was completed with a blend of very masculine looks with military touches, as is currently en vogue, alongside highly sensuous and feminine accents.
The hair and make-up concepts were as expressive as the designs. The hairstyling was reminiscent of wild and strong Amazons. The hair was slicked back and clipped close to the back of the head.
The silvery metal shine of the skin was the eye catcher of the make-up. The intense eye make-up was created with strong Bordeaux eyeshadow. An additional accent was created by applying light oil to the eyeshadow. This gave the eye make-up an exciting three-dimensional look. The cheeks were given interesting emphasis with contouring, and thus strikingly presented.

Sportalm Kitzbühel

The second day of Fashion Week began with Sportalm, which offered a varied show for its 65th anniversary. The extensive collection ranges from sporty and elegant fashion looks to colourful ski fashion with strong retro elements. Delicate lace, warm wool, soft leather and fake fur formed the main elements. Coupled with denim print ski pants, company logos made of crystals, neon ski suits with floral appliqués and jungle motifs. You will also see camouflage, leopard, strawberry, ethno and crocodile prints on the slopes this autumn 2018.
The models' hair and make-up looks were created to match the sporty fashion. A modern, customised make-up with glow base provided a healthy, natural complexion. The eyes featured a soft golden brown glow, and the lips were showcased in a delicate toffee shade.
The hairstyling stood out because of its naturalness: the loose hair was styled into a slightly wavy, uncomplicated look with two different sizes of curling irons.

Irene Luft

 Irene Luft has traditionally worked with lots of tulle and exciting dress variations. The collection represents feminine cuts and romantic playfulness in the details. This season, the focal colours are black and red. Paired with stylised floral appliqués on opulent tulle, the dresses look both modern and contrary and characteristically elegant. Completely transparent tops and sweeping tulle skirts create a graceful symbiosis.
The hair and make-up looked spectacular with this: to simulate a rebellious, punky undercut, the hair was styled flat and shiny at the back of the head on the left side and fastened with clips. The remaining long section of the hair was given wild texture with Powder Spray and Beach Effect Spray, and fell in the face like a curtain.
The make-up was a continuation of the look's wildness. The focus was placed on the black eye make-up where the eyeshadow was wildly dabbed on with a finger at the contour. Black mascara created additional drama. An extra highlight of the make-up was the creation of an artificial tear that ran down the cheek.


Clear cuts, simple and feminine designs met the typically unusual style of reservation and the signature of Maisonnoée: the recurring use of leather. Floral prints, low cuts, hats, sketched check patterns and black and white as the predominant shades shaped the image of the new collection.
Managed by La Biosthétique, the team created modern, wavy, voluminous hairstyles. The hair was wound on to large curling irons, some to the left and some to the right. Sleek ends were a must to create a modern look.
The make-up shone with its wonderful freshness: the even skin with a natural glow was delicately emphasised with soft orange blusher. The eye area was also softly contoured in orange. Then the eyes were outlined with "Brownie Lilac" eyeliner. The lips were painted in a subtle colour in a soft shade of rose, which emphasised the freshness of the style. The inner cheeks were highlighted with silver powder.


The final show of the MBFW 2018 was that of the sports brand Bogner. In contrast to all other designers, they abstained from holding the classic catwalk presentation. After a brief turn on the catwalk with video clips, they sent their models to the audience stands and illuminated them with bright light cones, within reach of the audience. The brand presented skiwear and winter fashion in classic shades of cream and grey. But fans of bright colours also got a run for their money. Vests, sweaters or ski pants were featured in bright shades like red, yellow, orange or pink. Hair and make-up continued the sporty concept.
Full, healthy, long hair designed to look effortlessly styled was braided to create natural movement.
The make-up looked sun-kissed. The highlights of the face were emphasised with Glamour Kit Silver Cream to create a subtle ski holiday look. Light smoky eyes added emphasis. The lips were finished with a mix of "Lovely Rose" lipstick and Glamour Kit Silver Cream.