Make-up Look


What better way to emphasise natural beauty than with colours inspired by the skin itself? A shimmer of colour in taupe frames the eyes while the nails shine in a glossy nude. A practically supernatural base for the mouth, the courageous hero of this game, which plays its role in a velvety matte ruby red.


Teint Frais magically gives you a flawless complexion, and can be thoroughly and evenly worked into the skin with the make – up sponge. To prolong your summer tan, lightly warm the sides of the face with Earth Glow Gel Beige. For a silky matte finish without additional product application, fix make – up with Translucent Compact Powder.


Guarantee the eyeshadow is long-lasting by priming the top and bottom eyelid with Magnefix!. Evenly work in with the fingers. Use your fingertip to dab Magic Shadow 48 Sheer Taupe on to the top lid. Use No. 13 Eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow to the lid and stroke up and out to below the eyebrow. Pick up more eyeshadow with the brush, and completely cover the bottom eyelid. The goal is to evenly cover the entire top and bottom eyelid. Apply Pencil for Eyes in Marble Silk to the waterline of the eye. Perfect Volume Mascara Coffee makes for a harmonious colour match on the top and bottom lashes.


A flatter and wider eyebrow looks great with this look. Use a fine brush to pick up some colour from Automatic Pencil for Brows in the matching shade, and draw on fine hairs in the direction of hair growth until the desired thickness and width have been achieved.


Use Sunsation Honey to warm the cheekbone, the middle of the cheeks and the temples. Lighten the top cheekbones with Highlighter Trio Rose. Apply any colour residue in the brush to the inside of the cheeks, the forehead, the back of the nose and the tip of the chin.


The new Liquid Lipstick Velvet Ruby gives the look its strength. Apply colour with the lip brush, and evenly apply to the lips up to the lip line. You can easily create a more precise or wider lip line by outlining the lips with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL 30 Bordeaux. One good alternative is the vibrant Sensual Lipstick C150 Radiant Peach.


This dramatic make – up looks great with the elegant, skin – coloured Brilliant Nail Simply Nude. Apply two coats of the colour, and let it dry thoroughly. Depending on the desired look, apply Brilliant Nail Top Coat for a glossy finish or Matt Top Coat for a matte finish.

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