Royal blue mascara shows playfulness and is supported by a soft shade of cool brown on the upper and lower lids. The orange hues tucked into an earthy Sensual Lipstick greet the blue mascara to spin a blitheful, gleeful look.

A transparent and silky matte foundation balances the look. A beaming look that reveals women’s cheerful engagement through a combination of complementary colours.


Well–nourished skin is the key to this radiant looking foundation. Apply Natural Skin Foundation with fingers to achieve gently covered skin. As an alternative, Extreme Stay Foundation can be applied using the same technique.

Finishing the foundation

Brighten the lower eye area with a matching shade of Cover & Light. Cover any colour irregularities with a matching blend of Cover & Light and Teint Correcteur. Set the foundation with Translucent Compact Powder and the large powder brush #1.


1.) Pick up some colour of Eyeshadow Pen Burnt Umber with eyeshadow brush #13 and apply in the crease, on the outer corner of the eye and the entire lower lid.

2.) Apply Perfect Volume Royal to the upper and lower lashes in several layers. Make sure that the lashes are clean and separated using the eyebrow and lash brush #11.


Using the colour–matching Automatic Pencil for Brows colour, draw a gently curved line on the upper contour of the eyebrows. Blend down into the brows without losing the created contour. Then brush the eyebrows back into shape with Tinted Eyebrow Gel. This gives the eyebrows colour, design and yet naturalness.


Pick up some colour of Tender Blush Passion Rose with a blush brush #2 to highlight cheekbones. Gently blend the colour upward toward the hairline.



Create the desired lip outline with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL36 Ginger and then fill in the lips with Sensual Lipstick M404 Ginger.

Or, first apply some Sensual Lipstick M404 Ginger to the lips with lip brush #12 and then define the lip contour with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL36 Ginger to complete this make–up look.


Brilliant Nail Chiffon supports the light and modern feel of this look.

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