Exotic Pink

Exotic eyecatcher : A smoky light green outline on the bottom eyelid and exotically shimmering flamingo pink on the top eyelid turn this eye make – up into an eyecatcher for day and night. Lips in Dragonfruit and a radiant complexion complete this look. Mysterious & exotic!


For a silky skin sensation and light to medium coverage, evenly apply a hint of Teint Naturel with the La Biosthétique make–up brush No. 3 to cheeks, forehead and chin and blend it in the direction of ears and neck. To fix the base, lightly dust with Silky Mineral Powder.


Prepare the top lid with Magnefix!, then generously apply the new rose Magic Shadow Mono 44 Flamingo and softly blend out and up over the lid crease. Then apply the new Silky Eyes Fern to the bottom lid and lightly work in with the La Biosthétique eye–shadow brush No. 5. Darken the entire waterline with Pencil for Eyes Khol Silk, lightly work into the bottom lashes and smudge out along the outer corner of the eye. To complete the eye make–up, apply lashings of mascara Perfect Style to the top and bottom lashes.


Use the brow brush of Automatic Pencil for Brows to give the hairs a natural shape and lightly emphasise with the matching colour of eye pencil.


To add emphasis to the summery character of the look, apply a subtle hint of Sunsation Honey to the cheekbones.


Evenly dab the new Cream Gloss Dragonfruit on to the lips with the fingers. This gives the look a soft and glossy finish. Color Care Dusky Pink can be used as a high–coverage, conditioning alternative. Apply to lips with a brush.


Brilliant Nail Pink Magenta forms a harmonious accompaniment to the lip make–up with its bright pink shade.

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