Strong Regard

Mystical grey eye make-up without making the eyes look dark,
combined with a strong orchid pink
on the lips, give this look a sensitive yet
strong expression.


For a soft and transparent complexion, use a make-up sponge to apply a little Teint Naturel mixed with some Glow Base. Fix with Translucent Compact Powder and Powder brush No. 1.


Prime the entire lid with Magnefix. Starting at the outer end of the brow, use Round brush No. 13 to apply Magic Shadow 46 Mystic Silver to the outer lid and blend.


Apply an intense eyeliner with Smart Liner Grey Slate that tapers towards the inside corner of the eye, and extends upwards to a point beyond the outside edge of the eye.


Use Blusher brush No. 2 to apply Sunsation Honey from the highest point of the cheeks on the cheekbones up to the temples, and blend carefully out and up.


Define the lipline with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL 22 Bordeaux, and blend slightly inwards.


Completely fill in the lips with Lipstick B235 Pure Orchid and Lip brush No. 12.


Curl the top lashes up with Mascara Perfect Style. Define the brows with the matching colour of Automatic Pencil for Brows, then fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner.


Apply Brilliant Nail Chiffon to the fingernails. For a matte finish fix with Brilliant Nail Matt Top Coat.

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