Valuable essences for your skin

A fresh, radiant complexion is not left up to chance. Complete your daily skincare with Visarômes: Natural aromatherapy oils with an invigorating, refreshing and relaxing effect, by La Biosthétique.

The specific Visarôme oil concentrates not only support your skin's natural regeneration, but the essential oils also have a positive effect on body and mind. For a particularly effective result the natural plant active ingredients are distilled from medicinal blossoms, leaves, seeds and fruits. Visarôme aromatherapy oils are easy to use and, depending on the dose and combination, can also be individually geared towards special skin challenges.

Revitalising aromatherapy with Visarôme Atone

Visarôme Atone contains the finest herbal essences including coriander, rosemary, sage and peppermint oil for a stimulating and refreshing effect . 

Relaxing aromatherapy with Visarôme Ridulé

Visarôme Ridulé contains high-quality jasmine, rose and mandarin oil for a calming and relaxing effect . 

Cleansing aromatherapy with Visarôme Intoxiné

Visarôme Intoxiné contains orange peel, lime blossom, sandalwood and lemon grass for a clarifying and revitalising effect . Pampering programme for all senses

Pampering programme for all senses

For a particularly effective cleansing ritual, pamper your skin every day with at least one treatment as follows:

  1. Add 1-5 drops of Visarôme to a bowl (0.5 l) of pleasantly warm water, mix, dip in a compress, wring out and place on the skin. Deeply inhale the scent and enjoy.
  2. Apply a customised La Biosthétique cleansing product and remove with the compress soaked in Visarôme toner or with your hands.

Depending on which Visarôme is used, this cleansing ritual has a relaxing, invigorating or refreshing effect. As the Visarômes easily mix with water, they can be added in a higher dose to a foot bath (approx. 10 drops) or to a bath (approx. 1-2 pipettes).

Feel safe in your skin

The La Biosthétique skin specialists focus on your beauty and wellbeing offering the optimum consultation. That is why every treatment starts with a professional skin diagnosis. This is the only way to specifically use the Visarôme concentrates. For an instantly noticeable and, above all, long-term effect of the unique care products of La Biosthétique, which are specially geared towards your skincare needs.

The Visarôme aromatherapy oils for skin and body care at a glance: