Spa - wellness care for the whole body

Taking a little time out, relieving stress, treating yourself to time for yourself is child's play with the La Biosthétique Spa wellness program. 

Pure pleasure...

The Spa range of wellness care products from La Biosthétique is the combination of health and wellness and transforms daily care into an infinitely pleasant spa experience. The individual care products are finely tuned to each other and, in their entirety, promote a healthy skin flora through plant-based and prebiotic ingredients. These pamper the body skin, give it a velvety soft touch and ensure a biological balance. Active ingredients incidentally help to prevent minor skin problems such as sagging skin, dry, cracked skin or unpleasant sweat odor. A balanced unisex fragrance concept pampers your senses, has a relaxing or vitalizing effect, just what you need to treat yourself to your wellness time.

Everything in balance

Wellness Hair Shampoo for mild cleansing and balancing scalp care for sensually scented, shiny hair. Relaxing Body Wash, the sensual fresh-smelling shower bath with moisture-retaining active ingredients gently cleanses and maintains the healthy balance of the skin.

LBP Spa Anwendung Shampoo
LBP Spa Haarwäsche
LBP Spa Haarpflege
LBP Spa Dusche

Wellness Hair Shampoo

The pleasantly scented Wellness Hair mpoo gently cleanses and keeps the scalp in healthy balance. Ingredients of the skin's natural moisturizing factor prevent dehydration, wShahile purely plant-based prebiotics regulate the scalp environment and strengthen the barrier function.

Relaxing Body Wash

With the sensually scented Relaxing Body Wash, the cleansing ritual becomes a relaxing feel-good experience. Mild washing substances and valuable prebiotic active ingredients have a moisture-preserving effect and promote healthy skin, even with frequent use and sensitive skin.

Turn off and dive down

The refreshing scrub gently frees the body's skin of dry flakes, stimulates its circulation and renewal, and maintains its healthy balance. With exquisite fragrance and a fine, gently cleansing foam, the bath essence ensures an all-round relaxing bathing experience.

Skin and senses in balance

The powerful lifting concept of Skin Perfecting Lifting Cream improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin on the neck and décolleté, counteracts premature aging of sensitive skin areas and rejuvenates the skin's structure. Relaxing Body Lotion makes the skin soft and supple, and wraps the body in a relaxing fragrance - for pure pleasure. With immediate and lasting firming action mechanisms, the rich, smoothing Rich Firming Body Butter firms the skin and counteracts cellulite.

LBP Spa Relax
LBP Spa Model mit Bademantel
LBP Spa Badeanzug 1
LBP Spa Badeanzug 2

Reliably protected through the day

The refreshing roll-on deodorant with the sensual aromatic fragrance is gentle on the skin and reliably protects against unpleasant odors. The antiperspirant with the invigorating fragrance provides reliable and long-lasting protection against underarm wetness and unpleasant perspiration odor.

Fresh and clean in the blink of an eye

Wellness Soap is nourishing, refatting and sensually scented, the luxurious vegetable oil soap pampers skin and senses during cleansing.

Refreshing Hand Wash cleanses thoroughly but gently without drying out and a vitalizing fragrance makes hand washing a sensual experience.

Care with hand and foot

The pampering Intensive Hand Care soothes dry and stressed skin on the hands with intensive care, strengthens its protective function and makes it soft and supple. Rich care substances and a soothing fragrance make the foot care ritual with Nourishing Foot Cream a pleasure. Dry skin becomes soft and supple, callus formation is reduced with regular use.