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  1. 125ml

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    Styling cream for shaping, taming and bunching curls
  2. 200ml

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    Curl booster for revitalised bounce and elasticity of curls
  3. 75ml

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    Conditioning modelling cream.
  4. 75ml

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    Finishing cream for fine hair gives a medium hold – for a soft matte look
  5. 14g

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    Hair powder for more volume and lift
  6. 50ml

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    Conditioning styling cream with a unique UV filter - for styling, protection and care in...
  7. 100ml

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    Heat protection spray for straight looks and shiny styles
  8. 75ml

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    Shaping modelling paste for flexible hold with a silky matte effect
  9. 150ml

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    Exclusive heat spray for styling with a curling iron
  10. 150ml

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    Sea salt spray for relaxed beach looks
  11. 75ml

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    Structuring modelling paste for casual and modellable matte looks
  12. 100ml

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    Silky styling paste for flexible, strong hold