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    For precise outlining with eyeshadow: slanted soft synthetic fibre brush – for drawing...
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    Part of every basic beauty kit: brush for even application of loose and compact powder.
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    For drawing contour lines and for modelling: Blusher brush made of fine synthetic hair....
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    For the fine application of lines to create fuller looking eyebrows: slanted brush of...
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    Special effect nail polish for dazzlingly white nails
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    For a particularly intense colour with even application of eyeshadow: first-class...
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    Mascara for perfectly defined and long lashes
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    Silky eyeshadow base for flawless eye make-up
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    Sealing transparent polish in high-gloss look: Can be applied over and instead of a...
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    • Sensual Lipstick Matt 400 Velvet Rose
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt 402 Rosy Nude
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt M401 Red Tulip
    Matte-look lipstick: Gives the lips a high-coverage, long-lasting lip make-up with a...
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    • Soft Lipstick Fresh Coral
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    Ultimate volumising mascara for unmistakably beautiful lashes