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    The professional brush of the future: it is antibacterial and deodorising, the hair is...
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    The classic from England for brushing fine to normal hair: small paddle brush with padded...
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    The classic from England for brushing normal to very thick, long hair: big paddle brush...
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    Non-aerosol UV protection hairspray for outdoors
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    The classic styling brush for gentle brushing and a conditioned look: The natural and...
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    Micro-emulsion for elastic hold with shine effect and vintage scent.
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    Conditioning non-aerosol mousse with sugar and wheat protein.
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    Rich, 100 percent natural styling cream for light to medium hold
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    Aerosol matte spray for more texture and volume
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    Strong styling gel for creative looks
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    Instantly and visibly more volume and noticeably more body for the hair: the individual...
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    A new generation of products for weightless styling and a natural finish: Light Defining...